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fascia care

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・Business related to the provision of osteopathic, osteopathic, etc. treatments and business trips for osteopathic, osteopathic, etc. treatment services

・Con ・ting business related to beauty, science and health

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・For last-minute cancellations, the following cancellation fee (percentage) will be deducted and the balance will be refunded.

  1.  1 day before, 100%
  2.  3 days ago 50%
  3.  7 days in advance (same day as reserved) 30%
  4.  8 days ago ¥1000 refund fee

・If you fall under 4 above, you can change to another schedule free of charge.

・Depending on the characteristics of the product, we cannot refund the service


【Risk of Facia Care】

In carrying out this service, we will take maximum consideration of medical risks and take care not to cause adverse effects on the mind and body. In particular, care should be taken carefully so as not to damage or harm organs such as muscle tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, internal organs, and uterus.

However, as with any treatment, the chance of unpredictable changes in symptoms cannot be reduced to 0%. Therefore, fascia care may cause some symptoms to worsen. In such cases, we will respond with the utmost sincerity and do our best to improve symptoms.


【Ef】 of Facia Care】

There are individual differences in the degree of effect of this service, and we cannot guarantee the effect for your symptoms or problems. 


【For Facia Care】

The main purpose of this service is to support prenatal, postnatal, and childcare.20-40 years oldI will assume.

However, we reserve the right to refuse services to customers who interfere with the operation of the service or who are deemed unsuitable.



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